Open Network for digital commerce (ONDC) is an open network that enables buyers and sellers to connect digitally across various platforms. It emulates UPI. Here it promotes interoperability across e-commerce applications. To put in simple words if there is a seller in Ecommerce platform A, while a buyer in Ecommerce Platform B. Now what if the buyer in Platform B could see the products of the seller in Platform A. ONDC tries to create this interoperability by acting as a bridge. Hence, transactions can happen through ONDC regardless of the platform.


Here comes the question. What are the gains ?. As ONDC works cross platform, it creates new access to more buyers, more opportunities. Basically ONDC can democratize the digital commerce by providing a level playing filed for everyone.

What is in for government :

Currently Ecommerce market is dominated by a few large players. This serves as an Impediment for aspiring businesses which struggle before the global entities. Hence, by connecting the buyers and sellers the government plans to create a level playing field. 

Source: Thehindu