Between January 6–8, 2023, Panaji, Goa, hosted Purple Fest, which drew over 50,000 attendees. The event featured competitions in table tennis and cricket, a marathon, and a chat amongst deaf -blind people. A bird-watching programme and movie were organised for the participants' entertainment, and the participants had access to the Miramar Beach.

Purple Fest-2023
Purple Fest 2023

Purple Fest was special in that private enterprises  displayed divyang(specially abled)-friendly  products, and the event sought to increase public   knowledge of the welfare of divyangs. The festival  was a success, and the organisers,   particularly the volunteers, deserve praise for their   efforts in bringing India's accessibility vision to  light.


Purple fest is a festival for the welfare of the  people with disabilities and it demonstrates how  our community can work together to build an  atmosphere that is welcoming to all people. It is a  celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Also, Purple Fest will exhibit the most recent assistive technologies created for people with impairments (PwDs). PwDs should take advantage of this chance to learn about and experiment with new technology that can enhance their daily lives.


Purple is a colour that is frequently connected with disability and has gained popularity in recent years as a way to represent the positive contributions that people with disabilities make to society and the workforce. Purple became a popular representation of disability following a 2010 protest campaign against welfare restrictions.